With hazy thoughts, shaky fingers, and my mother’s boost from the back,I type the title of my first EVER blog.456147e653dbacbd3f3ad3ebea14bbde

Being an introvert and shy by nature, I wouldn’t say that opening up to an entirely different audience, or atmosphere is easy for me; but speaking my heart out has always been my thing.

So let me start from ‘The start’.

I am Urshia Fatima. A Delhi-based 20 year old girl, studying fashion design at a prestigious fashion college in Delhi-NCR. Just like any other dreamer of my age, I am moving ahead with high hopes for my future ahead. Being an ambitious girl, courage and experimentation has always been my one of the traits.  A fashion lover and an art appreciator by heart, I love to explore the zones unexplored. An avid learner, moving ahead with all that life chooses to throws upon us, I welcome you all to my blog-

Rougista- A part of me, to know more about me.


All you Rougeistians, See you soon in my next blog!

Until next time, Take care! 🙂 



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