Tuesday or sulk-day?

Hi Rougeistians! How are you all! It has only been 3 days that I last wrote my first blog, but it feels like AGES! Oh yeah, I sound damn excited. Ik Ik…

Well, I would like to tell you in the beginning only that if you are reading this blog for some knowledge or great information kinda stuff, you surely will disappoint yourself. Because other emotions are taking a front seat at present. So hold yourself tight.

———————You can consider this as my disclaimer for this blog———————————

So, going back to where I left, Why I feel so excited talking about blog writing? That’s so because speaking my heart out is the only thing that can make me feel less burdened at present. A stress reliever kind of thing? Yeah.

So while I write to you, having my bowl of sprouts side-by-side with my earphones plugged in and thumping my feet to Badshah’s latest track- Tareefan (Oh c’mon! Dont tell me you didn’t groove to it’s catchy beats!), I must let you know what fuss do I share with Tuesdays!

First and foremost, After a dreadful start to the the week with a ‘Monday’, Tuesday not only carries it’s predecessor’s legacy forward, but leaves you with no chance to even have a sight of a relaxing weekend🤦🏻‍♀️. Didn’t get me? Tuesday neither frees you from the burden of Monday, And neither gives you great fantasies of friday, what are you even good for, bruh?

You get that ‘Dilli door hai‘ type of vibes with it! Oh man!☄️


Now you might say that so is the case with other weekdays- Wednesday and Thursday, then well, I just have the right answer for you.

(Haazir-jawaabi haan? Nice! I am impressed🌟!)

Wednesday is a ‘balance day’, equal number of days left for weekend as the number of days that went by. So, you get a pinch of calm. And Thursday? Ha! You are just waiting for Friday to ‘end’ already!🤷🏻‍♀️

But Tuesday; my friend? It gives you no hope😢. So in return, I too don’t share a friendly bond with Tuesdays.🤨

Ok, now that my bowl is about to get empty, I should spare you with all these baseless talks and better get going to what I was doing. Duh. 📖As this is a topic over which I can sulk all 24 hrs, and still it won’t serve any purpose. (Obv!)

So that was me, writing my heart out spontaneously (even if it was ‘anything’), or I should say sulking over Tuesdays. (Maybe I should take a vacation soon? 🤔🌊hmm.)

Until next time, Spread love and be lovable❤️, like always!




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