The monotony of blues

Hi rougeistians! How are you all! It’s the summer season hitting hard, and is at it’s peak here in Delhi (India), and I’m sure you’ve got your summer style going right. The shade card ruling this season-? The cool tones (Blues, Whites, and pastels).

Pleasing to the eyes, and comforting to the sight- that is all it’s about.

My personal favorite color this season is ‘blue‘.

They say ‘blue’ is the color of oceans, I say it is the color of summers. Pleasing to heart, soul and mind, it is a cool color in  true sense. ♥

Being a fashion enthusiast, and coming from a design background, I feel blessed to have the ability to ideate my passion into reality.

Here are a few garment creations for the easy-breezy comfortable summers.


As stripes are in trend this season, I chose to play with them in this design. 

The constructed garment :

♦  ♦  ♦

As florals are the next in-trend thing that jump into my mind, I chose to play with them.

 Well, As vibrant is the print of fabric, so is the mood generated when you adorn this piece – vibrant, fresh and joyful, just what you need for summers.

♦  ♦  ♦

Hope your summers are as cool as blue—◊

With that note, this is me; Rougeista signing off! Have a vibrant week ahead. See you soon!

Lots of love!



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