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A hashtag which appears to be everyone’s favorite and the most loved!

The trend started back in 2014, thanks to the queen Beyoncé. When Beyoncé dropped her “Flawless” track last year, the world couldn’t stop quoting one of the most memorable lyrics from the song: “I woke up like this.” But as it turns out, the empowering phrase encouraged tons of people to show off what they actually looked like first thing in the morning–by posting a morning selfie, messy hair, fresh skin and swollen eyes.


And this led to the start of the trend ‘bedstagram’.

Over the course of 2014, the “bedstagram” started to take over our feeds, and even some of our favorite celebs decided to celebrate their makeup-free face, and we loved it!

Basically, Bedstagram was nailed and everyone looked…


Finally, being inspired by the ‘bedstagram’ trend, I gave the look a bit of my own touch, and here’s how it appeared.



Until next time…




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